Mesmerized by materials objects. Things that are sought after or seem to be sought after. I am questioning our instinctual attraction to products and their relationship to the desire and temptation of a materialistic nature.

Deriving from not only exclusivity but paranoia as well. Ideas both coming from distorted manifestations of the ego.

I push the boundaries of painting with objects that already exist. The idea of impulse and improvisational spontaneity are represented within the cluster of materials chosen. My work embraces the neglection of organization as well as what is understood to be the domestic standard.

The pre-made object entices me because of our natural draw to material items. I am attracted to the idea of trends and having validation through objects. All my materials are usually found or thrifted. The process of being able to get a sought-after object in a flea market setting provides a thrill.

Turning these objects into a new and different aesthetic shows our vulnerability to trends and the validation the novelty can provide.