Mesmerized by materials objects. Things that are sought after or seem to be sought after. I am questioning our instinctual attraction to products and their relationship to the desire and temptation of a materialistic nature.

Within my work things are often represented as protected as if they are sought after. Deriving from not only exclusivity but paranoia as well. Ideas both coming from distorted manifestations of the ego. The idea of an extreme awareness, to the point where it creates anxiety falls in a beautiful area between paranoia and preparation. 

I want to continue to push the boundaries of painting with objects that already exist. I am very interested in the idea of impulse and how sometimes the diminishing of plans that may have existed can take you to an unknown place. I want to portray the neglection of self care and domestic maintenance. Referencing ideas of anxiety and chaotic disorganization.

The pre fabricated object entices me because of our natural draw to material items. I am attracted to the idea of trends, and having validation through material items. All of my materials are usually found objects or things I have thrifted from random places. The Irony of being able to get a the same object in a unfavorable condition is pleasing to me, which shows the naivety of name brands, and material validation.

Lastly, the idea of being able to take these objects and turn them into a new and different aesthetic shows our vulnerability to wanting to fit in with trends as well as the ongoing ability of always being able to "rebrand" yourself.